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Yoni Massage

Tantric Massage vs. Yoni Massage

As a yoni massage practitioner, I often get asked several questions about the experience, as you’d expect. I thought this blog would be a great opportunity to answer some questions for anyone considering booking a massage with me.


If you’re discovering yoni massage for the first time, it’s likely you have some questions. If you would like to explore this experience deeper, I invite you to read on.

Q: Is yoni massage and tantric massage the same?

Yoni massage is very much an element of tantric massage so in many ways, yes. Tantric massage is a way to move energy within the astral and ethereal body. By that I mean we awaken the physical senses through touch, but also awaken the energy centres of the body and can shift stagnant energy that might be holding us back in our lives.

Tantric massage is an all over body massage that uses a range of techniques to arouse and stimulate the body. These can be from massage, sensory play with objects such as feathers and fabrics, stimulating erogenous zones and arousing the body to build sexual energy. This sexual energy is not a physical thing that can be seen and touched, tantric massage works with this energy as much as it does with the physical body. We combine focused breathing by the recipient along with specific massage techniques to distribute the energy around the body. As a reiki practitioner I often use reiki to help identify and clear blockages to allow energy to flow more easily then, combine physical massage to circulate the energy throughout the body.

Yoni massage takes all the elements of tantric massage but dives deeper into the healing elements with specific focus on the release of past sexual experiences. This can be in the form of guilt, shame, trauma, limiting beliefs, and physical pain during sex. The massage is still a whole-body massage that incorporates reiki and building of sexual energy, but the massage spends more time on direct stimulation of the yoni.

Q: Isn’t that a bit, y’know…intimate to do with a stranger? What should I expect when I come to a massage?

Yes, yoni massage does require a level of intimacy and vulnerability that we may not be used to, even with our partners. But before that inner voice has you hiding under the covers… let’s break this down. We start with a mediation and connection to settle us both into the sacred space that will be filled with candles, nice scents and relaxing music. By doing this, we create a container that embodies the intention of the session.

We start by first massaging the back, legs and arms, slowly building up to more intimate areas. We then start to build some energy through the erogenous zones, front of body and breasts, so that you are fully relaxed and in the zone for yoni massage. Consent is clearly requested before each stage of the massage so that you can be assured that you can stop at any time if you don’t feel comfortable. Your consent is key. Being open to the experience is what makes it so powerful.

We all store our experiences and our emotional trauma in our bodies and the yoni is no different. Penetrative sex, masturbation, childbirth, sexual trauma (physical and mental) and even standard consensual friction-based sex all leave an imprint in the body’s tissues. The massage is soft, gentle, slow, and deeply stimulates the tissues to allow that experience to move. It connects the yoni to the heart. It allows the brain space to process and the body space to release. This is where the magic happens. The massage doesn’t aim to take you to orgasm (although it is perfectly OK if this does happen), but we use another technique at the end to gather all the energy we have built and let it out through a physical release. This can be beautiful, emotional, challenging and healing. It’s common to release thoughts and emotions and yes, it is OK to cry. But most of all it will leave you feeling energised and ready to take on the world without some of the baggage that you’ve been carrying around with you. Powerful stuff.

The end of the massage is a wind down and debrief. Wrapping up in a blanket and hugs as emotions leave the body and start to subside. I am a believer in after care and will check in on you over the coming days, as it can be common to feel the feels. There is no doubt that when we face our inner workings there are some demons to witness, also when we make ourselves vulnerable. However, the space I provide for a yoni massage is safe, non-judgemental and allows you to let go in a way that otherwise wouldn’t be easy to achieve. Especially given that our harshest judge is usually ourself.

Q: How long is a massage?

Massages can last between one and three hours which allows time to relax and create space to build sexual energy in your body. A longer massage will allow more time to get out of your head and feel into your body, which takes time if you need to release strong emotions.

Q: I have a healthy sex life, why should I book in?

I can tell you one thing about yoni massage; you have never been touched like this before! It will include massage of all areas of the yoni starting externally with the clitoris and labia, then continuing (with consent) to the vaginal canal, g-spot and potentially cervix too. Having someone spend so much time deeply stimulating your sexual centre is rare. That’s what makes this so different from sex with a partner, or lover and is why it unleashes deep healing.

Q: Why is sexual energy important?

Sex is our life force energy and creates not just life (a miracle in itself!) but also all of our other creative work. Building sexual energy is known to improve creativity, help you connect better with partners, friends and family, and even manifest your desires. If you want to learn more about how this power can change your life, do some research into ‘sex magic’ (that’s a whole other blog in itself).

Q: What are the benefits of yoni massage?

  1. Supports Mental Healing

Many women have reported yoni massage supporting the mental healing process. There can be lots of negative emotions attached to our genitalia including shame and sexual trauma issues. Learning how to touch and be touched in your yoni area can release many of these emotional connections and reprogram them into a positive, pleasurable feeling.

  1. Improves Sexual Relationships

Yoni massage can help unlock your fear of intimacy and touch, if that is what is holding you back. It can be fun and add excitement into your alone time with your partner or even improve trust and connection between you. Learning the pleasures of touch with another is a bonding experience that also supercharges your sexual confidence.

  1. Releases Your Higher Energy

Yoni stimulatory techniques can help to achieve a greater connection with your mind, body and soul. It’s no surprise that yoni massage is so closely linked to Tantra and the ancient methodology that goes along with it. By searching inside ourselves we can unlock our potential to connect on a much higher spiritual level with others.

  1. Promotes More Intense Orgasms

Many women have reported an increase in the intensity of their orgasms after regular yoni massages. This is probably the result of a combination of the above mentioned factors. After all, we are all very aware that it is very much the mind that allows us to achieve orgasm and the level in which we experience it.

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