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Experiences For Couples

Looking to take your intimacy and eroticism to a new level?  Looking to adventure into the deep world of connectivity and eroticism?  Do you want to sensual companion to guide you and welcome you to a world of unprecedented desire?   Explore your edges, and your intimacy with your play partner or under the guidance of one of ours. 

For Couples
This truly is a delightful journey into intimacy   Strengthen your bonds , find the intimacy in your relationship and explore.
Sugar and Spice Pamper Package

It starts with a 30 minutes intimacy checking at the bar  Get to know your goddess, calm you nerves with a drink and relax   The environment is totally private its time to relax

Move to a more intimate setting, ambient music and a cosy surrounds are intended to drown all distractions allowing for a brief guided mindfulness activity bringing your mind and body to the present   Understanding the basics and working together to create your safe space zone  ( 20 minutes)

Erotic massages body slip and slide  Cheeky caresses as we learn how to incorporate self care relaxation and connection into a busy world   Discover your love language

( 40 minutes)

Wanna play a game  - its all part of the fun   We get to lingeringly explore our bodies together   Fun light games where uninhibited pleasure is the focus   Every one get to move at there own pace within this comfort zone   ( 40 minutes)

Let is all out  Ignite inner pleasure and desires with flirting  body movement seduction and play led by the goddess  Sweet whispers cheeky teasing and in depth erotic fun

Finale  - the sky is the limit - perhaps you would like some three way cuddles or time alone with your partner    Either way you will after time to bask in the after- care of the moment

Our professional will also touch base with you to check that all went well


Come along to a party


What a great way to explore your sexuality in a very safe environment

Club 687 runs regular play parties

All participation is optional and you can grow and experience at your own pace

Watching and meeting people is entirely okay

Every party has a different them and we focus strongly on consent   There are always a number of sex and sexuality practitioners on site who will be happy to chat to you about the many ways you can expand your sexual knowlege


Tantra and Kink

These are just two of the areas that you may like to explore

We have a number of practitioners who would be delighted to provide tuition in these areas   OR participate in a session with you

Tuition starts at $250 per hour

Participation sessions for couples start at $400 per hour

We can curate a session to suit your needs   It may include elements of intimacy coaching if you find this desirable

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