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Conscious Sexuality Experinences
( CSE)

The world of sexuality is expanding

Sex is an incredible force and its energy has the ability to transform and bring growth

E J Love and Anna Morrigan have worked together to create the revolutionary

Conscious Sexuality Training

This training allows graduates to offer specially curated experiences designed to re-ignite the connection between sexuality and sacredness

Our trained goddess's are trauma informed

They are in full devotion to their craft and have dedicated there time to intensive training  to lead you through specific experiences designed that will re-connect you with your life force energy and open you to a gateway to deep intimacy connection and pleasure

Let our CSE trained goddess's take you by the hand and led you to embodiment


Tantric Lingham Worship

Experience the true devotion of a goddess   Let you look into your eyes and revel in your beauty   Surrender to her touch while she honour's you in an ancient ritual

Experience the power of breath movement and touch



Relax into this deeply healing modality

This is uniquely healing for both singles and couples a chance to get in touch with your divine masculine and feminine.

Release deep seeded trauma or begin your journey in sexual healing. 


Both Lingam and  Yoni Massage.

Divine Healing

Healing Practitoners

Our contact list of practitioners and contacts is growing daily.


Whether it be a exploration of your shadow side with a psychotherapist or a rope session designed for healing we can put you in contact with someone suited just for you.

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