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Food. sex and sploshing

How on Earth are they related ??

Food and sex are two of our basic human needs. Both are directly related to our survival and can be a source of great joy and pleasure.

Unfortunately our relationship with both can also be shrouded in guilt and shame. As a young woman I struggled with a very disordered relationship with food and with sex. Both were something I was born to enjoy but it did not play out that way. Young children are not born with any negative social conditioning about either, but the programming can start early. I was encouraged to hide my sexuality and I was also encouraged to only enjoy food within certain confines. The rules were endless - Do not eat too much, do not waste food, do not play with your food and definitely do not put on weight. Do not over- eat but also do not leave food on your plate. Do not over - eat but you must eat at regulated meal times whether your are hungry or not. No wonder food was such a source of confusion.

For me just like sexuality - food became an endless source of guilt. I used to snack in secret, chocolate's were hidden under my pillow and food was often bolted down with no real enjoyment.

Ahh its been so good to reclaim my love of both

Few of use were taught that food can be an exquisite sensory experience. It can be eaten slowly , every mouthful a slow conscious experience that involves all your senses.

Imagine a delicious bowl of berries and cream. What would an erotic eating experience look like. You could begin be preparing the area,. light candles and play some sensual music. You then smell the berries and gently run your fingers around the rim of the bowl, raising your creamed finger to your lips. You gently sample the cream and slowly awaken your tastebuds to their full capacity. Before taking your first full mouthful you stop to caress your face and enjoy your own touch You then gently place the loaded spoon in your mouth. You hold it there, drinking in the sweet sensation as a small amount of juice tickles the back of your throat.

It is such a shame that we were not taught to eat this way. However, underneath all the rules there is an endless source of sensory pleasure in food.

Sploshing can often bring up a lot of discomfort The idea that food can be a source of fun. ,play exploration and erotica is not part of our conditioning. But just like our sexuality sometimes pushing past our edges is where the growth is.

Our Sposhing event on the 2nd of December is your chance to explore that edge. Bring along your open mind and your curiosity and step into a world of food fuelled fun

Participation is very welcome but if its not your thing , witnessing from the side lines is also part of the fun



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