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Our Events

We are lucky enough to host a number of events at The Wheel including:

  • Swingers events

  • Kink parties

  • Adult workshops

  • and more are all part of the fun

We also are proud to run our own CONSENSUAL EROTIC PLAY PARTY on a  monthly basis.

Watch this space and subscribe to our site so you can keep in touch with whats going on.




This is a workshop for those who want to know how to create a journey that evokes erotic devotion with a lover

– education and explanation on erotic devotion 

– tantric temple games (great for beginners) 

– a full demo that includes tantric lap dance ritual, and how to take someone into an erotic devotion journey 

– space to explore these concepts with facilitator guidance on hand 

– a crystal sound bowl journey to integrate 

Please note: This is a beginners level, there is no full sexuality and is great for beginners who either want to learn the tools or witness the demos that they can explore deeper in their own space or in the part 2: Temple Party


The Bliss Boudoirs Temple Mistress – MoonRose Magick will be guiding this party of the art of erotic devotion





As we journey into the night, we open the space for a light of sensual delight, dress up (or down) in your temple attire and come explore a space of erotic devotion

This night includes:    A compulsary consent and boundaries workshop for newcommers who did not sdo the workshop

*Consent & Boundaries

*Tantric Temple Games

*Erotic Devotion Demonstrations 

*Tantric Burlesque Performances 


*Adult Play Areas    5 Rooms and TWO BDSM dungeons

Please note: 

Our upstairs facilities is a BYO environment,


Both men, women, and couples are welcome, numbers are strictly monitored to hold the sanctity of this container


Other notes:

*We do the best we can to create a safe container for everyone to learn and explore in fun and healthy ways. By purchasing a ticket you are agreeing to abide by the guidelines and rules of the space and the facilitators.
*Due to the nature of this space, if you are purchasing for yourself and a partner, please make sure that all individuals involved are fully consenting before purchase of ticket
*You understand the facilitators are not medical practitioners and if you have any concerns for your health, personal consent or safety, please seek professional help.

By purchasing a ticket you agree to waiver any legal action against the facilitators,this event and premises and are agreeing to take full responsibility for your experience and well being. If you have any serious concerns please contact the facilitators Via email

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