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Why seek a male adult companion

We are branching out to meet the needs of all genders in Newcastle

At 687 our adult safe space is there for our explore your desires. Lets explore the many reasons why you might seek the company of a male escort


Even if you adore being a single woman ( or man) sometimes you would love to connect intimately without the hassle of dating Well here he is

You many be desiring connection with a male of a number of reasons We will fulfil your desires safety and in a way that is geared toward you

You mind might be running wild the ways you could connect with our men But is you are a little shy here are some ideas

1)Have a safe partner to play with

This is way easier and safer than tinder. You are provided with an attractive clean and skilled partner You do not need to spend time on communication and dates This is no strings attached night devoted entirely to your needs

2) Explore Kink or BDSM

Play and learn from an experienced man Bring your desires and fantasies to the table Feel free to explores your desires

If you wish to play a submissive role we can give you that experience of release of control and responsibility within safe boundaries Our men would be happy to facilitate you on this journey and provide the domination you desire

Our men are excellent communicators and are skilled in these areas Kink and a cuddle after !!!! Yes please

3) Practice your skills with education and support

Maybe you would like to feel more confident in giving oral, show up more embodied in intercourse Maybe you would like to try pegging a man OR being dominant We can cater to these needs and so much more

Ask our men for their feedback and you will soon be queen of the bedroom There is nothing more sexy than a woman confident in her sexual power

4) Have a boyfriend experience or a sexual re-awakening

Indulge in all the positives of having a boyfriend without the strings OR surrender to a sexual re-awaking If you are out of practice this one might be for you

Whether you are dreaming of a kiss and a cuddle followed by a sexy massage or a OMG mind blowing sexual experience we are here for it

Ask and you shall receive


You may be thinking I already have a man Why would I want another one to play with Well we say WHY NOT

Bringing another man into the equation can be just the thing you need to explore your desires in a safe and supported way All those naughty dreams you have been throwing around with your partner can finally come true

For many men - watching their partner with another man is a hard wired desire

Club 687 we are taking your desires to a new level not seen in Newcastle before

For more details on just one of our yummy men visit


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