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What is Primal Play?

We are excited to be offering a mini work-shop at our next play party

As always it is entirely optional. However, some of our guests dabbled at the last party so we are keen to provide more

WHAT IS PRIMAL PLAY ? - Primal play is about stripping away the social masks we wear and playing in the realm of our instictive natures

There is a misconception that Primal Play is always about animal like play. Sometimes this might be true but it is definitely not always case. There are so many more possibilities

Primal Play allows you to put aside all your outside persona's. Within the moment you dwell solely in your body and explore what feels natural

Part of this includes freeing yourself of all concerns about your physical body. All concerns about how you look, all bodily insecurities are not relevant here. It is a space to be free with your play partner For many this part alone can be incredibly liberating

Primal play like all the modalities we explore at 687 has a strong connection with consent, boundaries, trust and connection It requires trust in both yourself and your partner. It enables you to fully open up and trust your partner to accept you. It works by listening to your body and your instincts Sure it can be animalistic but it can also be fun, playful, seductive, liberating, rough, gentle, hard or soft

Our next Conscious Erotic Play Party is

October 21

Tickets are available on our events page

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Nov 11, 2022

We have always felt 'primal' at nudist venues. All the preconceptions are stripped (pun intended) away. It is never easy to describe how nudity feels but primal is a fairly apt description I think.

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