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Unpacking the gift of embodied consent!

Wow what a year - looking back this time 12 months ago things look really different

I was in Melbourne unable to get back into my home state QLD because RAT tests for COVID could not be found. Borders were still closed and COVID check_ in was still the norm. I think we paid $75 per test only to find we had Covid. It was a wild and crazy Christmas time

This year I am hoping for a less eventful festive period . I think all of us are a little scared after the last few years We are a species constantly seeking connection and community and something integral to our well being was effected by lockdown's and separation.

GETTING MORE OUT OF EMBODIED CONSENT - its the gift that keeps on giving

I am honored that many of you have taken the time to attend one of my conscious sexuality parties and experience my consent workshops. For those who haven't I hope that you will consider attending next year Consent is such a delicious sexy theme,



Our pre-party time is very limited. What we touch upon in the workshop is only the tip of the ice-berg. Its a very brief introduction into what sinking into your body and learning to understand its unique language can actually mean. Embodied consent is a gift that just keeps on giving and it can be part of your daily interactions

It invite you to play the 3 minutes game with others have often as you can

For those who need a refresher please visit Betty Martins web page

To quickly re-cap

In the 3 minute game we explored

giving and accepting

taking and allowing

But it just starts there -------------

When you experience each of these energies there is so much to notice and experience in your own body Our life experiences, our traumas and so much more are stored in our bodies. it is a language waiting for us to embrace it. It is super- power that we offer do not hear because we are overwhelmed with our busy minds

But some things to think about when you explore these energies

When you give - How do you feel about giving to some one else ? Are you able to do this with a full and open heart or does your body feel some tension and resistance. While you are giving to another in the game -pause and notice what you feel. Sometimes our mind wants to give but our body feels tense Perhaps it is hiding resentment, perhaps there are other reasons why we are not fully open to giving This lies in your body- listen and be curious around these sensations

When you accept - at first instance it feels good to accept something nice. In our workshops many of you were lucky to receive a massage. But how did you feel about asking for what you want? How did your body feel about receiving? Were you fully able to surrender into the experience of receiving? Did you feel resistance.? Where did you feel that. Many of us feel guilt around receiving and asking for what we want We can notice these feelings in our body even when our mind is not aware.

When you take - This is often a time when we feel really uncomfortable. Can you locate this discomfort in your body. When you were asked by your partner 'what would you like to do to me" What did you feel in your body? For many, this is when they experience a freeze response. Wanting to touch another person for our own pleasure is usually shrouded with guilt. Many of us were shamed for touching ourselves for pleasure as youngsters and this extends to guilt about desiring to touch another It also requires a lot of trust in the other person and the possibility of rejection. All of these are felt in your body When we move through these feelings we are more able to feel more pleasure in touching another When two people have a trust around boundaries you can take without guilt knowing that they will always tell you if they are not comfortable

When you allow someone to touch you for there pleasure - Also a complex energy When you sink into your body and allowed someone to touch you in a way that felt good for them What did you feel/ For some its vulnerability for some there is discomfort. It is a time when you need to able to articulate your own boundaries. How does this feel. Where did you feel resistance and discomfort. Or did you feel powerful Where is you feel this is your body?

The way to learn more - practice practice Make the 3 minute game part of your daily routine Practice it with friends and partners. Each and every time you do it you will become more and more aware of your body. Its a Christmas present you can give to yourself and you can start unpacking it today

As we become more aware of bodies our capacity for pleasure, intimacy and connection increase. When we identify areas of resistance in our body and learn to move through them we unlock the pleasure that lies underneath This is the gateway to something magnificent

If you would like to learn more about embodied consent and embodied living you can -

Come to our our conscious sexuality parties

You are welcome to attend the workshop part as often as you like


Work with me over a 5 day intensive

In February I will be running a 5 day immersion for woman who want to re-connect with their innate goddess and learn the art of sexual healing Over the 5 days we will explore embodied consent ( and so much more ) in a more detailed and contextual way

for more information visit


The festive period means so many different things to different people We all come from different belief systems and cultures For some is a happy time for others a time of stress and sadness

But for all of us I think its a time to remember our humanity and our connection to one another

Whatever Christmas means to you I send you love

Be kind to yourself. show yourself love and compassion and find way to see joy in each and every moment

I look forward to exploring 2023 with you

Much love Anna

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19 déc. 2022

My wife and I have attended two workshops and find it very beneficial. We look forward to attending more in 2023

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