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Next Conscious sexuality Party

August 12th at THE WHEEL ( formerly Club687 )

Book here

It has been awhile since our last event so I am looking forward to a re- connection of our growing community

As usual the event will begin with a consent and boundaries workshop

If you have done this before please feel welcome to do so again

Each and every time you work through the wheel of consent you learn more Of course it is the opportunity to meet and connect with other guests

As always I will be running an optional mini work-shop\

This time it will be based on what I learn in the South of France

We as humans are are delicate and fragile especially when we take the almighty step of faith to open up to another human. So how can we do this in a way that feels safe and honouring ?

The teaching I learn in France under the guidance of the amazing Aleitha Pistis Sophia aknowledges the joy of feeling the love of the universe in every cell of our body. This love is needed so we can fully birth what we are capable of birthing and this includes this includes the body. our sexuality, our breath, our words and our relationships

I will be conducting a brief taster of this work

For those who choose to remain downstairs there is an opportunity to remain in a more relaxed safe space

For those who are looking for a more traditional play party our 6 rooms and dungeon will be open for Play


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