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Merry Sploshmas !!!!!



Ever recall as kid (or adult!) being told not to play with your food? Or stop being such a mucky pup?

Or maybe you have a dietary requirement that keeps you from eating something you really love, but you still want to have a connection with it?


We human adults have a complex relationship with food. Diets, allergies, intolerance, shame, guilt, indulgence, even fear. From a young age we are fed using playful techniques to get us to eat, but shortly after we are conditioned to take food seriously whether it is on our plate or learning about the effects on our body. The way in which our food had changed and is marketed to us has lead to rises in both obesity and eating disorders such as anorexia. Serious business in many ways, right!!


At Club Discreet 687 we do not like serious, we like fun, and we definitely love to challenge the

mainstream narrative. Not to mention getting away from the confines of social conditioning.


Well, this is your chance to throw off those serious shackles for an evening and get playful with food again. The 687 Merry Sploshmas Event is here to help you indulge in all that Christmas food without gaining a single calorie (well, maybe a few).


But what the heck is sploshing and what crazy antics have you got in store for us this time? Sploshing is essentially food play, but it can take a number of different directions and extremes from mindful eating, through sensational self pleasure to D/s scenes.


Sounds tasty, tell me more...


Food can be extremely sensual and when we smell, taste and touch food we can open up the senses to new experiences . Closing down your eyes and mindfully tasting. Smelling that mango before feeling the juicy flesh on your lips and the tip of your tongue, for example.


Maybe you want to feel the stickiness of honey as you rub it into your body until it get tacky and starts to pull at the skins and the hairs.


Perhaps you want to be tied up and blindfolded while a partner licks custard from your naked flesh.


Or perhaps cover yourself from head to toe in cold whipped cream and offer yourself up as dessert to a room full of ravenous diners. WOW!!!!!!


Whatever your fantasy, allow yourself to get wild and messy in this feast for the senses with Club 687.


Pleasure yourself with sensory food exploration, get messy with a partner, or watch others unwrap their deliciously naughty Christmas fantasies at our Merry Sploshmas Event, December 10.

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2022년 12월 11일

What a wonderful night full of adventure. We didn't really think that smearing food on each other's body and licking it off was for us. We watched the demonstration and, well, we decided to give it a go! We fed each other delectable delights first off which was very sensory but not sexual. It just progressed and next thing I've got liquor chocolates smashed on my chest and it's being licked off...

My turn, I selected the chocolate mud cake and coated her breasts...

I coated myself with chocolate and delighted in a head job cleanup. All in all it is one very fun place to be.

Thankyou Club 687 and special thanks to Anna.


2022년 11월 11일

Well, we're not too sure about being covered in cream for a room full of diners but we'll be there to listen and learn.

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I’d love to see you both be platters


Sounds absolutely delicious 🤤

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