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CSE PURE magic at 687


It is unbelievably difficult to put into words a profound embodied experience. To me it feels that the simple act of taking it out of my body and into words already detracts from the true essence of the experience As someone who has dyslexia this is perhaps even more difficult


For many years I have had a passionate interest in the ancient sexual healers/ sacred sex- workers. For thousands of years these temple arts were practiced by woman who provided education and healing to men The temple was a place of deep healing, initiation and learning. The sacred link between sexuality, spirituality and healing were held in deep reverence The temple goddess's were held in high esteem and were highly trained in their calling.

We lost all of this in our current patriarchal system- A system that is harming all genders.

My dream has been to bring these arts back. I passionately want each and every person to have access to this knowledge. After 40 years working in the commercial sex industry I have seen sexuality at its very best and worst I believe it is the way we change to planet for the better. It starts with understanding our full sexual potential and disengaging ourselves from harmful myths about our sexuality

CSE training started as a way to bring tools to sex workers around sexual healing but we quickly realized that ALL women wanted access to this training.

In February myself and the very awesome EJ Love embarked upon our first CSE training

We were joined by 12 truly exceptional woman It was my greatest privilege to journey with them. To just sit in the room with them and feel their energy was remarkable. The woman all came from very different backgrounds and many had no previous experience with sacred sexuality. They just had a burning desire to learn more. Their bravery in stepping into the unknown in such a big way was inspiring.

There was something special in the air from the moment the training began. A recognition of a deep knowledge and a desire to know more, a spark of recognition and a joy and vulnerability at feeling safe enough to reveal our authentic selves

We explored trauma. BDSM, primal play, tantric massage. We embodied archetypes and explored consent. We re-thought our relationship with men and with each other,

We a laughed a lot and we cried even more. Sometimes we wept with grief and sadness and sometimes we wept with pure joy. While EJ and I held the space as facilitators , we all learnt from each other.

On many days the energy in the room was electric I feel ancient goddess's were watching our work and we felt their approval. I believe that the long gone women who worked as sex workers at 687 over its many years as a brothel were all watching us with love

We held two sacred temple nights where men were invited into our space. Many of these men had never been to a sacred sexual event before. All of them were deeply moved by the event and the feedback has been truly amazing.

I too was deeply moved on many occasions, As the ladies lined up to enter the final temple they began singing together. This was unplanned and had a deep ethereal feel to it Most of these woman had only meet 5 days before yet the collective power coming from them was timeless and beautiful

As part of the journey we now continue to meet fortnightly on- line I feel the ladies have also created a very strong support network of new friends

THIS MONTH AT OUR CLUB 687 CONSIOUS SEXUALITY PARTY - you can witness a brief demonstration of ancient tantric COCK worship. To witness this ritual is deeply moving There will also be a few tips given on how you can use some of this ritual in your own life

Challange yourself to something different and come and have a look

More info is at our events page


Interested in attending our next CSE training We are not holding interviews with potential attendees

Training will be held late May in Newcastle To view the curriculum visit Application forms will be released soon but in the interim you are welcome to email me to schedule a chat


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