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Conscious Erotic Play Party

Our first event

JULY 22nd at Club 687

This is a ticketed only event and all applicants will be screened

Start time 7pm finish time midnight

Cost $60 per person or $80 per couple

For the first party only this will include a consent workshop. Attending this workshop will be compuls0ry for all future events

Attendees at our very first event will have the opportunity for input and to set the direction of how future events will look. This is your chance to start building your community!!!!!

hell yes i just can't wait !!!!!!!!!

This is something I am personally very excited about. Our understanding of sex and sexuality is evolving. It's both challenging and incredibly exciting. Newcastle is well and truly ready for this event!!!!!!!!!! If you want more - if you want to explore more- if you want to feel safe. This event for your.

This is not just a one off ticketed event. It is the beginning of a community. I hope it to be place where we can come together in celebration of our sexuality and how it has evolved in modern times


Our first event will begin with a consent workshop as we explore contemporary meaning of consent and the energy around giving and receiving . You may have done one of these before but every consent workshop adds more to your understanding. This workshop will be compulsory for any one attending a consensual erotic play party. But do not worry These workshops are heaps of fun They are a great ice- breaker and a great introduction to the essentials of our events. There will be lots of laughs. This is meant to be fun

For our first event the consent workshop will be included. Moving forward it will be run as a stand alone event and attendance will be necessary to come to a party

All our events will have some structured play.

At our first event we will explore some tantric breathing and energetic exercises

All our events will include an demonstration from a practitioner within our community This will be someone different at each party

The second half of the event will be free play Our dungeon and kink equipment will be available for use as will our many rooms. All safe sex essentials will be available in each room

Your level of participation will be completely up to you. You are very very welcome to attend and just observe and there is no pressure to participate. We will have wrist bands available that you can put on if you would prefer not to be invited to play

Our aim is to provide a comfortable safe environment for play and exploaraton

All safe sex supplies are included

A light supper will be provided

Soft drinks are on sale. BYO alcohol But please remember the focus of the night is not around alcohol and we strongly suggest minimal consumption. No alcohol is to be consumed during the consent workshop

Sex toys and kink equipment will be available to purchases

All guest must be between the ages of 18 and 100

Singles and couples most welcome

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So excited!!!

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