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Celebrating 12 months of the club687 and Labyrinth Connection !!!!

What a year its been We have come so far Its only a little more than 12 months since the team from club687 sat down with the team from Labyrinth so see how we could best use our space The result has been spectacular !!!!! I am so honored to work with Labyrinth The year ahead is looking incredible There is a truck load for furniture on the way and the options for 2023 are endless

The awesome Hollie Crumbs has written a blog reviewing this wonderful year Read and enjoy !!!!!

One year of events at Club687!

Labyrinth looks back at its first year in business, and what a ride it’s been!

One of the best things to emerge from lockdown was the gift of time and space to develop something amazing for the kinksters of Newcastle. Labyrinth has become one of the best and brightest spots on my calendar- every time it rolls around it the excitement is overwhelming. As we head into the silly season (and a short break before Labyrinth returns in February), I wanted to reflect on what Labyrinth has become, and where it’s heading in 2023.

What is Labyrinth?

Labyrinth is a BDSM play party based right here at 687 Hunter St, Newcastle. Each event features performances, demonstrations, music, chill out zones, and lots and lots of kink. We have dedicated spaces for rope, impact, medical, wax and sex play, and plenty of spaces which can be transformed into what you need them to be. We have a team of dungeon monitors on hand, a bar for drink service, and a bag space for folks to store belongings and get in and out of their street clothes.

The best parts?

The people! So many amazing kinksters who fill the house with wild and contagious energy. Everyone who has been there has brought their A game- the costumes, the scenes, the volunteers who help me pull this together, the performances and demonstrations, it’s this dedication to creating the most amazing experience and people fulfilling their own joyful fantasies that has me charged and enthusiastic for each one.

Highlight moments:

· SpankosaurusRex’s liquid nitrogen dipped roses frozen flower flogging

· A hot a steamy cam recorded scene in the bar cage between two very fun OnlyFans creators

· Our littles day where we filled the dungeon with a ball pit and swing

· Watching Sculptor and artist Claire Tennent do a live kink casting of one of our guests arses to turn into a wall feature

· Our Blue party members auction as folk bid like crazy on items and acts that they could participate in on the night

· Two whole days of workshops which brought together some fantastic kinksters and stoked the kinky fires for many

· Turning several of the bedrooms into fairy and beast dens for our Fey and Fantasy party

· Getting thrown over Santa’s knee for a spanking at our Kinkmas party

· Watching a 7-person shag fest which resulted in simultaneous squirting by 2 of the participants

What does next year bring?

So much more! We’ve got extra parties in the calendar and some amazing acts lined up. Our Littles event will be back, as will our workshop weekend though we are tweaking the format to make it even better than this year. We’ve got our Birthday party, a world pride party and so many themes to get excited about. We’ve put a Halloween Monster Mash in as well for people to get down and spooky. I can’t wait to see how folk make use of the space and toys we have set up. Its going to be bigger and better than ever and I’m here for it!

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Anna, what you and your partner have brought into Newcastle with Club687 has been an amazing journey and opened many doors and opportunities for so many people in the communities. Not just one community but all of them. You provide a safe space for anyone wants to expand on their inexperienced vanilla monogamous relationship with just a sexy date night in a fantasy space to the most experienced kinkster enjoying and sharing their wondrous skills and everyone in between. Thank you for bringing your wealth of knowledge and opening your world to all of us. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2023 x

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