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Why 687 ?

Updated: Sep 8, 2021


It such a good question and one we are passionate about answering Essentially 687 is a place where adults can explore their sexuality in a safe and supportive environment

Our sister venue Discreet is a brothel that has been running for around 7 years No doubt its a fun fun place to be We offer lots of gorgeous women and invite our customers to indulge in carnal pleasures of the flesh We bring pleasure and satisfaction to many at Discreet but its not for everyone

The pace is fast at Discreet It is often very busy and there is not always time for sexual intimacy.


687 is a adult space to explore sexuality. Unlike Discreet our customers do not have to engage a sex worker ( although they can ) They can hire a room by the hour for sexual play and bring along a partner or a tinder hook up

We imagine that when lock down ends we will have lots of parents keen to make a lot of noise far away from their kids

Our big draw card is our purpose built dungeon Originally built by one of the much loved and pioneering madams of the area we feel greatly honored to be in her space Our dungeon is available to couples and groups Customers have the option to hire a professional to play with them if they choose Over night stays with hours and of kinky fun are an option Our dungeon has been so popular - there is another one on the way

For bigger groups we offer safe space for kink parties, swingers parties and bucks parties

But we are trying to achieve so much more than that - We are trying to create a place that re-unifies sex, sexuality and spirituality There is so much more to sexual connection than most people realize

In many ancient cultures sex was seen as a life force ( Kind of makes sense when you think that sex represents the act that begins life In fact it is really strange that modern culture has attached shame to something so necessary and so beautiful ) Sex was seen as the earthly link between the body and the heavens. It was the gateway to Nirvana and sex workers were the gatekeeper The sex workers was highly esteemed in society. Her place was in the temple Her role was to educate men ( and women) in finding the link between their body and spirituality through sex. Over time that link has been lost. At least in part due to Western religions sex and spirituality are no longer linked. In fact the appear at opposite end of a spectrum Society has then added a lot of guilt and shame to sex. At 687 we would like to help reclaim the link between sex and spirituality or at least the link between sex and bliss and joy

Over time we will be inviting tantra specialists to club 687 and we will be holding classes and courses to help redevelop health relationships with sex Our down stairs area is being transformed into an erotic library and work shop area Being filled sexuality permeates to every part of your life and well being We welcome all genders and couples

our venue is morphing daily and we are adding more and more concepts contact us if you have an idea

We were recently very lucky to do a podcast with Luke and Cindra from Conscious Couples Coaching Check out their instagram @consciouscouplescoaching look out for our guest appearance on their relationship show

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