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Healing trauma through kink

This one is a passion of mine I am so excited to have the space to at 687 to explore this further. I have been very lucky to experience huge growth in my own life and in those around me by using this medium to work with trauma

One really important caveat Not everyone involved in either BDSM or kink has a trauma. Also just because kink and BDSM can be healing this does not mean it always is There are a lot of movable variables and this is not something you should consider without proper guidance

BDSM and kink are full of stereotypes and misconceptions. Yet its role as a healing modality is firmly based in science. For those that are this way inclined I suggest you do a bit for research into the neurobiology of kink My favorite is on youtube It is titled ""Neurobiology of Trauma and its Overlap in Kink - Healing through kink."' Its a simple to understand video.

The essence of kink and BDSM lies in communication and boundary setting. For those who have suffered sexual trauma there has usually been a loss of control. Before a kink session there is a detailed discussion around boundaries and comfort zones. Safe- words are paramount and adhered to at all times. These boundaries create a safe container and a space for emotional safety I would argue that these kind of discussion are often lacking in many non-kink encounters

BDSM and kink allow participants to create hard boundaries and put triggering actions completely off the table There is a space to practice voicing needs and being heard in a compassionate environment. For a survivor of sexual assault profound strength can come from negotiating and carrying out a scene and then receiving compassionate aftercare. BDSM offers a chance to experience pain, excitement. adrenalin, hormonal release, fear and arousal all in a safe place in which there is always an exit option There is an opportunity to re-create neural pathways through consensual experience that overwrites trauma

The aftercare is an essential party of any scene. The communication that is party of the scene extends to afterwards. It allows for emotional bonding and repair and experiencing something that is consensual painful or intense

Lets also not forget that kink can just be good fun Reclaiming pleasure. joy and fun are all part of healing and it does not need to be done alone Kink is all about community Being part of a like minded community is all about belonging to something and experiencing a environment of support and non judgement

Stay tuned for more on this one as I embark on more study

If you are interested in looking into this more I have found some fabulous resources at The School of Erotic Mysteries


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